About us


Lilian, the owner of Lilian's Bread & Sweets (LBS) is the youngest of eight siblings. Since she was young she has always had the passion for cooking Filipino food. When she got married to Maxwell Masaya she quit her job to be a stay at home mom. Maxwell is the brains behind LBS. Out of love for his wife, Maxwell consistently encouraged his wife to pursue her dreams and was always by her side every step of the way. 


Lilian's Bread &  Sweets is a melting pot of flavors infused into Filipino dishes and desserts. LBS started as a small company supplying desserts to leading Filipino grocery stores. It started as a small bakery and pastry shop in Sun Valley and with a lot of hard work grew into a successful restaurant and bakery inside a carwash in Northridge,CA. LBS opened their second location in North Hills, CA

in 2020.

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Lilians's Bread & Sweets has gotten a  lot of praise and recognition from publications such as The Asian Journal, Lifestyle section, Manila UP Magazine, Eater Los Angeles & CNN's Great Big Story. Recently we have been blessed to have gotten featured Access Hollywood.

everything from scratch

We make everything from scratch. All our products are homemade and are cooked right in our kitchen. We delight in serving you fresh and hot meals like you cooked it yourself.