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Our mission

high quality

We always use high quality and fresh ingredients to deliver genuine tasting Filipino dishes. We strive to deliver food so authentic that it reminds you of your mom's/dad's/grandma's/grandpa's/tita's/tito's home cooking.


As you walk up to the counter you are immediately greeted with a smile by one of our brand ambassadors. You get five star treatment all the way! At Lilian's Bread & Sweets you are treated like family.

why is filipino food so important to us

Every birthday party, christening or family gathering always meant that there would be some type of food there. Food is very important aspect of being a Filipino because it is a vice that we use to reconnect and catch up with our loved ones. Food is not only something that we can eat, it is way more than that. Food brings us together like nothing else can. So we invite you to be a part of our family and partake in some good old authentic Filipino food. Kain na tayo! (let's eat!)

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